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Political Action

Aaron Ford, Ben Kieckhefer, Paul Anderson and Irene Bustamante Adams lead Big PhRMA Money Race


SEIU Nevada is joining forces with Culinary Local 226 and the NV Diabetes Political Coalition in a legislative effort to cap the high price of drugs that are integral to the treatment and control of diabetes.

“We’ve heard from our home care workers who have no health insurance and simply can’t afford to pay $800 a month for medications to control their conditions,” said SEIU Nevada President Cherie Mancini.  “And we know from our health care workers the heart break of treating patients who develop severe complications from their untreated disease.”

The pharmaceutical industry contributed more than $120,000 to Nevada lawmakers in 2015-16.  Democratic leader Aaron Ford led the Senate with $10,500 in pharmaceutical company contributions while Republican Ben Kieckhefer came in second place with $9500.   In the Assembly, Paul Anderson led Republicans with $11,500 in contributions and Irene Bustamante Adams led Dems with $9750.  Here’s an individual breakdown:

Nevada State Senate Contributions from pharmaceutical interests
Kelvin Atkinson
Pfizer 11/4/16 $1500
PhRMA 11/15/16 $1000
Novartis 9/16/16 $500
Astra Zeneca 9/23/16 $500
PhRMA 1/7/16 $1000
Astella Pharma 5/11/16  $750
Astella Pharma 9/28/15 $1000
Pfizer Inc 11/25/15 $1000
Express Script 12/27/16 $1250
Nicole Cannizzaro
Pfizer 12/22/16  $750
Moises Denis 
Astellas Pharma US 8/17/15 $750
Patricia Farley 
Astellas Pharma US Inc 5/20/16 $750
PhRMA 9/23/16 $1000
PhRMA 12/23/16 $1000
Astellas Pharma US Inc 8/17/15 $1500
Pfizer 11/25/15 $750
Express Scripts 1/6/16 $500
Aaron Ford 
PhRMA 11/9/16 $1500
Pfizer 11/27/16 $500
Pfizer 11/27/16 $1000
Novartis 10/31/16 $500
Bristol Myers Squibb Company 7/15/16 $500
Pfizer 9/22/15 $1250
PhRMA 1/5/16 $1000
Bristol-Myers Squibb 1/16/16 $500
Astellas Pharmacy 5/3/16 $750
Astellas Pharma 8/17/15 $1000
Astra Zeneca 9/8/16 $500
Express Scripts 12/14/16 $1500
Express Scripts 11/16/15 $500
Heidi Gansert 
PhRMA 1/21/16 $500
Pete Goicoechea 
PhRMA 1/26/16 $1000
Scott Hammond 
Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America 7/12/16 $1000
Astellas Pharma US Inc 10/29/15 $750
Joe Hardy 
PhRMA 1/7/16 $1000
Astellas Pharma US, Inc. 5/18/16 $500
PhRMA 11/14/16 $1000
Astellas Pharma US, INC 10/8/15 $1000
The Galaxo Smith Kline PAC 12/3/15 $500
Becky Harris
Astellas Pharma US Inc. 6/3/16 $500
Astellas Pharma US Inc. 8/17/15 $1000
Express Scripts 11/16/15 $500
Ben Kieckhefer 
PhRMA 2/10/16 $1000
PhRMA 12/15/16 $1000
Allergan USA Inc 2/29/16 $500
Astellas Pharma US, INC. 5/27/16 $500
Eli Lilly and Company 12/28/16 $4000
Express Scripts 12/28/16 $500
Pfizer Inc 10/25/15 $500
Astella Pharma US Inc 10/25/15 $1000
Express Scripts 12/9/15 $500
Mark Manendo 
PhRMA 1/4/16 $1000
Pfizer 11/3/16 $500
Astellas Pharma US Inc 9/28/15 $750
Pfizer 11/12/15 $500
Michael Roberson 
Bristol Myers Squibb 9/15/16 $500
Astra Zeneca 9/15/16 $500
Novartis 9/15/16 $300
Astellas Pharma 9/29/16 $750
PhRMA 12/1/16 $1500
Express Scripts 12/22/16 $1250
Johnson and Johnson 12/21/16 $200
James Settlemeyer 
PhRMA 1/22/16 $1000
Astella Pharma US Inc 5/3/16 $500
Astella Pharma US Inc 8/17/15 $1000
Pfizer Inc 9/22/15 $1500
Pfizer Inc 11/7/16 $500
Pat Spearman 
Astellas Pharma 5/17/16 $750
Express Scripts 12/18/16 $1250
Pfizer 11/7/16 $500
Joyce Woodhouse 
Express Scripts 12/14/16 $750
Pfizer 12/22/16 $750
Bristol Myers Squibb 1/12/16 $500
Nevada State Assembly Contributions from pharmaceutical interests 
Elliot Anderson 
PhRMA 11/15/16 $500
PhRMA 10/7/16 $1000
Paul Anderson 
Allergan 11/10/16 $500
Eli Lily and Company 11/10/16 $4000
PhARMA 11/29/16 $1500
PhARMA 7/5/16 $1000
Astra Zeneca 10/3/16 $500
Astellas Pharma US INC 5/31/15 $750
Astellas Pharma US INC 9/25/15 $750
Pfizer 11/12/15 $1500
Bristol-Myers Squibb Company 3/29/16 $500
Express Scripts 11/16/15 $500
Nelson Araujo 
Amgen 12/12/16 $750
Pfizer 11/3/16 $500
Astellas Pharma US 5/3/16 $500
Teresa Benitez-Thompson 
Pfizer 11/7/16 $750
Pharma 11/4/16 $500
Pfizer 12/14/16 $500
Astellas Pharma US, Inc.  5/13/16 $500
Express Scripts 12/12/16 $1250
Pharmaceutical Researchers and Manufacturers 7/9/16 $1000
Irene Bustamante Adams 
Pfizer Inc 11/14/16 $500
Pfizer Inc 11/14/16 $1000
PhRMA 11/15/16 $1500
Amgen 12/21/16 $1000
Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America 7/5/16 $1000
Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporate 9/20/16 $500
Bristol Myers Squibb 9/20/16 $500
AstraZeneca 9/20/16 $500
Sanofi Aventis 9/27/16 $500
Bristol Myers Squibb 1/20/16 $1000
Astellas Pharma US, Inc 5/13/16 $500
Astellas Pharma US, Inc 9/28/16 $750
Express Scripts 12/15/15 $500
Derek Armstrong
PhRMA 1/20/16 $1000
PhRMA 11/19/16 $1000
Maggie Carlton 
Pfizer 11/22/16 $500
Olivia Diaz
PhRMA 11/12/16 $500
AMGEN 12/17/16 $500
PhRMA 1/4/16 $1000
Astellas Pharma US, INC 9/28/15 $750
Christopher Edwards
Astellas Pharma US, INC 8/17/15 $500
John Ellison 
Pfizer 12/1/15 $500
Edgar Flores 
Express Scripts 12/30/16 $500
Jason Frierson 
PhRMA 11/9/16 $1500
Pfizer 12/14/16 $750
Express Scripts 12/14/16 $1500
Johnson & Johnson Corporate Political Fund 11/3/16 $200
Astra Zeneca 9/24/16 $500
Novartis Pharmaceuticals 9/24/16 $300
Bristol Myers Squibb Company 9/24/16 $500
Sanofi Aventis 10/13/16 $500
Astrellas Pharma 5/16/16 $1000
John Hambrick 
PhRMA 11/16/16 $500
PhRMA 1/8/16 $1000
Astellas Pharma US INC 10/30/15 $750
Amber Joiner
Allergan USA 2/16/16 $500
Amgen 12/28/16 $750
Dina Neal 
Pfizer Inc 11/20/15 $500
Pfizer Inc 11/2/16 $500
Astellas Pharma US Inc 10/30/15 $750
Erv Nelson
Astellas Pharma US INC 10/27/15 $500
James Ohrenschall 
Pfizer 11/3/16 $500
Pfizer 11/19/15 $500
James Oscarson
Pharma 11/9/16 $1000
Express Scripts 12/30/16 $500
Express Scripts 11/30/15 $500
Pharma 7/5/16 $500
PhRMA 1/4/16 $500
Astellas Pharma US Inc 5/3/16 $500
Astellas Pharma US Inc 10/6/15 $750
Astellas Pharma US Inc 8/17/15 $750
Mike Sprinkle 
PhRMA 11/15/16 $500
Sanofi 7/1/16 $500
PhRMA 1/15/16 $500
Astellas Pharma 3/11/16 $500
Takeda Pharmaceuticals USA 4/7/16 $500
Pfizer 5/2/16 $1000
Amgen 12/23/16 $1000
Robin Titus 
Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America $500
Amgen 12/12/16 $500
Jill Tolles
Pfizer 9/27/16 $500
Jim Wheeler
AMGEN 12/20/16 $750
Steve Yeager 
Pfizer, Inc..  12/21/16 $500


In Nevada today, approximately 281,355 Nevada adults, or 12.4%, have diabetes, including 75,000 who do not know they have the disease. Another 787,000 of Nevada adults, or 38.5%, have pre-diabetes.  According to recent estimates, during their lifetime, at least 1 in 3 adults will develop diabetes by 2050; half of all Latinos and half of African-American women nationally are projected to develop the disease (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).  Children who develop the disease face a lifetime of medication and disease management.

Diabetes is a public health epidemic that costs Nevadans $2.4 billion every year in medical costs.  Prescribed retail pharmaceuticals account for an estimated 57.6% of total diabetes healthcare spending. Insulin, the primary drug for controlling diabetes, was discovered 95 years ago, but drug companies have raised insulin prices as much as 450% beyond inflation since 1996.

“Diabetes does not discriminate and this epidemic is not a partisan political issue,” said Geoconda Arguello-Kline, Secretary-Treasurer for the Culinary Union and Chairwoman of the Nevada Diabetes Political Coalition. “Republicans, Independents and Democrats can work together for the good of Nevadans.”

Every day in the United States: 3,835 Americans will be diagnosed with diabetes and it will cause 200 Americans to undergo an amputation, 136 to enter end-stage kidney disease treatment, and 1,795 to develop severe retinopathy that can lead to vision loss and blindness (American Diabetes Association).




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Patients Grade Hospitals. Where Does Your Favorite Rank?


You see them posted prominently in all of your favorite eating establishments, so why not post letter grades in Nevada’s hospitals?

That’s the premise behind a bill sponsored by State Senator Patricia Spearman.

The measure requires that letter grades must be posted on the facility’s website and prominently near each entrance.

Hospitals already get grades from the federal government’s Patient Satisfaction Survey, but unless you know where to look,  you’ll never see them.

The link above is for Nevada’s acute care facilities with emergency services.  As you’ll see, many receive only one or two stars out of five, and score below the national average on individual metrics.

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Mom Sues Centennial Hills Hospital: “If insurance didn’t matter, my 22 year-old daughter would be alive.”

As Congress contemplates kicking millions of Americans off their health insurance, a Las Vegas woman says her 22 year-old daughter is dead after a local emergency room refused her treatment because she lacked insurance.
The lawsuit, filed by Amy Vilela against Centennial Hills Hospital, alleges that on June 3, 2015, ER staff told Vilela’s daughter, Shalynne Ramos, to come back when she had insurance.  Vilela alleges the hospital failed to meet the minimum standards required under federal law.
“She’d just driven cross country on a previously injured knee.  She kept saying ‘My leg is red, Mom. It’s swollen.’  She went to the ER with this swollen leg and 8 out of 10 pain.  She begged them for an MRI and something for the pain.  The ER told her ‘Go see a specialist, we’re not a doctor’s office.”
Vilela says just weeks later her daughter flew across the country, unaware of the blood clot in her lower leg.
“Shalynne had a DVT (Deep Venous Thrombosis) and they are dangerous. because if you fly with a DVT it’s life threatening.”
“When she landed she was having extreme chest pain and she was holding her chest saying ‘Daddy call 911.’  I got a call from him saying she’s in the ambulance.  My daughter coded in the ambulance.”
Vilela says she flew to her daughter’s side and knew shortly after arriving in Kansas City that her daughter was not going to survive.
“When they readied her for donation.  I climbed in the bed and held my daughter for the last time as her body tensed up, telling her I loved her.”
“She died in my arms. …If we lived in a country where insurance didn’t matter in your treatment and care, my daughter would still be here.  We have to work against the repeal of ACA.”
“There has to be universal healthcare for every one. No American in this great country should be dying at 22 years-old because of a lack of insurance.”
The Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act establishes minimum standards for hospitals, including the requirement that they obtain a medical history of patients who are requesting treatment.  Vilela says Centennial Hill’s records, which identify her daughter as Hispanic, are proof of the hospital’s failure to obtain a medical history.  Vilela says her daughter was Caucasian and African American.
An affidavit from a medical expert hired by Vilela, Dr. Marc Eckstein,  says had Centennial Hills’ obtained a medical history, hospital personnel “would have considered a deep venous thrombosis (DVT) as part of their differential diagnosis, given the patient’s obesity, tobacco use, sickle cell trait, her use of the NuvaRing, and her just having completed an extremely long drive.  It is more likely than not that had the standard of care been met, Ms. Ramos would have had a duplex ultrasound performed during her ED visit on June 3, 2015, and with proper treatment, the DVT would not have progressed and resulted in a massive pulmonary embolism which ultimately resulted in her cardiac arrest and her demise.”     
The attorney representing Centennial Hills Hospital, Valley Health System and parent company UHS did not respond to our request for comment.
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SEIU Nevada Fights to Keep Public $$$ in Public Schools!

IMG_0462 IMG_0458 IMG_0469 IMG_0470 IMG_0486

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SEIU Nevada Members Represent at Grassroots Lobby Day!

Thank you to our dedicated members who made the trek to  Carson City for Grassroots Lobby Day, and to all the Nevada lawmakers who welcomed them and stand up for the welfare of the people they represent!


IMG_0499 IMG_0504 IMG_0517



IMG_0516 IMG_0518


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2017 Municipal Elections

Click here for information on City of Las Vegas Municipal Elections.

Click here for information on City of North Las Vegas Municipal Elections.

Click here for information on City of Henderson Municipal Elections.


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Labor Matters – March 2017

Labor Matters February 28, 2017

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