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Public Sector

SEIU Nevada represents about 9,000 who work in the public sector in Nevada, including for many of the largest and most prominent public entities in Southern Nevada To learn more about each, please click on the links below:

Please click on the posts below for the most-recent news about SEIU’s Public Sector chapters.




Water Rec Food Drive!

Clark County Water Rec employees in Laughlin donate more than 1,000 pounds of food to the Colorado River Food Bank! Wow!14485063_10154540051591838_5521355095927095698_n


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Judges’ Orders Pave Way for Clark County to Make Good on Unpaid Raises

For Immediate Release – August 5, 2016
Imagine getting a raise from your employer, who then refuses to pay!  That’s the situation some 1,600 Clark County workers found themselves in until this week.  
Clark County’s interpretation of SB 241, a law passed by the 2015 Nevada Legislature, prompted County Manager Don Burnette to renege on pay increases due employees with anniversary or hire dates between June 1 through August 24, 2015.  
Burnette claimed employees were not covered by a collective bargaining agreement during that interim, and not entitled to raises, per the provisions of SB 241.  
Now, in two separate cases, District Court Judges Rob Bare and Linda Bell have ruled counter to the county’s interpretation of its collective bargaining agreement with the Service Employees International Union Nevada Local 1107.  
“Employees with June anniversary or hire dates have just received their back pay – increases they were due a year ago!  We are hopeful the latest order from Judge Rob Bare will prompt the County to do the same for employees with anniversary or hire dates between July 1 and August 24 of last year,” said SEIU Nevada President Cherie Mancini. “While the delay has been a hardship for our members, the real losers are Clark County taxpayers, who paid attorneys handsomely to wage an unsuccessful fight against the county’s own employees.”  
SEIU 1107 represents 18,000 hardworking Nevadans in the public sector and at major hospitals across the state. They include nurses, health care workers, clerical staff, social workers, and maintenance workers. Visit www.seiunv.org to find out more about the people who care for all Nevadans.
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UMC Contract Proposal

Here is a summary of the tentative agreement between SEIU Nevada and UMC.

Here is the entire document.


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Department of Aviation SEIU Nevada Leadership

Chief Steward  John Warthan

j.warthan@yahoo.com   702-493-1963 

Steward   Adonis Capa (Henderson Executive) 702-286-4043
Steward – Jim D’Arrigo (Airside Admin) 702-630-2453
Steward – Bertha Gray (TOPS Admin) 702-561-7555
Steward – Sheila Grain 310-890-5785

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Clark County Contract – Your Opinion is Needed

We need your opinion. We have attached a link to a survey that needs your attention ASAP. This survey asks what you think the next steps should be for the Clark County Bargaining Team regarding your contract.

Please note: only SEIU members are eligible to take this survey. You MUST include all your contact information before you can submit the survey online. Any duplicates or non-member submissions will be deleted. Once you have submitted the survey the results will be tallied and matched to our official union list.

Deadline to complete this survey is no later that April 29th at 5:00 pm. If you would prefer to fill out this survey in person at the Union Hall you can come to 3785 E. Sunset Road on Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 9:00am-5:00pm and Tuesday, Thursday from 9:00am-6:30pm.

Flyers have also been placed around County Clark shops to inform membership of this survey.

You can also fill out this survey at the General Membership meeting this Saturday, April 23rd at 10:00am-12:00pm (noon).
If you have any questions about this survey please call 702-920-5900.
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President Mancini’s Statement on Clark County

To Clark County Employees:

SEIU Local 1107 has been working hard on your behalf to restore pay and benefit increases you are entitled to under the collective bargaining agreements with Clark County.

In November 2015, the Local Government Employee-Management Relations Board (EMRB), the state agency charged with regulating affairs between local governments and their employees, ordered the County to process pay and benefit increases, including longevity bonuses, under the then-expired contract. This order covered increases that fell from June 1 to Aug. 25, 2015.

Relatedly, on Aug. 25, 2015, a fact finder imposed a new labor agreement for the term July 1, 2013, to June 30, 2017. Before fact-finding, the County agreed with Local 1107 the new contract would have retroactive effect to July 1, 2013. Now the County has gone back on that agreement.

Recently, we learned from many of you that the County has frozen your pay and longevity bonuses, despite the EMRB’s order. To protect your interests, we filed a number legal actions and grievances under the new collective bargaining agreement. Those matters are pending.

We are also working closely with the EMRB to seek court enforcement of its award. After consulting with our attorneys, it is our strong belief the County has no legal justification to avoid paying wage and benefit increases the EMRB ordered.

In the meantime, the County should continue to conduct regular employee evaluations. The County should continue to award merit and step increases provided for under the labor agreements, though actual payment may be held until final resolution of the legal proceedings.

Additionally, we have learned some employees received notices that some longevity bonuses and other pay increases were made in error. Some employees were asked by County management and supervisors to make arrangements to pay the money back. Because we believe those requests are not proper, we ask you do not make any agreements or sign any paperwork without first consulting with your steward, organizer or other Local 1107 elected officials.

The legal process will take time to play out. I share your frustration with the County’s actions. The legal matters are complex and have a lot of moving pieces. In the end, Local 1107 is confident we will prevail and secure from the County the pay and benefits negotiated on your behalf.

If you believe the County is not treating you properly, I urge you to share your stories with your stewards or SEIU organizers. The more we know from you, the better we can represent your interests.

In solidarity,

Cherie Mancini
President, SEIU Local 1107


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Press Release Regarding Clark County Disobedience of EMRB

For Immediate Release – January 21, 2016

County Reverses Pay Increases and Blatantly Disobeys Employee-Management Relations Board Order to Pay Workers

LAS VEGAS – Clark County is disobeying a state agency order requiring them to pay higher wages and benefits to its employees, Service Employees International Union, Local 1107, announced today.

Local 1107, which represents thousands of County employees, learned the County rescinded certain pay and benefit increases and longevity bonuses for eligible employees between June 1 and Aug. 25, 2015, despite a Nov. 24, 2015 Local Government Employee-Management Relations Board (EMRB) order requiring it to do the opposite.

“The County’s disobedience of the EMRB order is a smack in the face to hard-working County employees,” SEIU Local 1107 President Cherie Mancini said.

Local 1107 officials learned County employees got notices claiming pay and benefit increases processed from June 1 to Aug. 25, 2015 were in error, saying increases should have been frozen under Senate Bill 241, a law passed in 2015 making local government labor reforms.

“Employees began receiving the notices that their pay was being reduced only days before Christmas, saying they would have to give the money back,” Mancini said. “A month later, the Commission has given Don Burnette a huge reward,” referring to the County Commission’s decision Tuesday to award the county manager a 2-percent pay increase and nearly $39,000 bonus.

Mancini says the County’s actions are not only contrary to the EMRB’s Nov. 24 order, which said the County must process merit, step, other pay and benefit increases and longevity bonuses, but they are also contrary to the contract a fact finder imposed in August after binding fact-finding.

“Even without the EMRB order, the agreement imposed at fact-finding requires them to pay step, merit, and longevity retroactively,” Mancini said. “Before fact-finding, we and the County expressly agreed the fact finder’s award would have retroactive effect to July 1, 2013. The fact finder ultimately gave the County the contract they wanted. Now that’s not good enough for the County. They’re acting like sore winners.”

Mancini said continued disobedience of the EMRB order risks enforcement proceedings in court. “SEIU and our attorneys are working closely with the EMRB to seek court enforcement of the EMRB order,” Mancini said. “The County may feel it doesn’t need to be a law-abiding employer, but we strongly believe a court will disagree.”

“The County has been fighting us for 3 years over a new contract. At every step, we have attempted to amicably resolve all outstanding disputes,” Mancini said. “At every step, the County has said no. It’s time for the County to live up to its legal and contractual obligations. Stop disrespecting your employees, and stop fighting them at every step of the way.”

# # #


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