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Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada

The Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada (RTC) is both the transit authority and the transportation-planning agency for Southern Nevada. Created in 1965, the RTC todayRTC_Logo manages a public mass transit system that carries more than 64 million riders per year.

The Authority also administers programs that encourage sustainability, such as Club Ride Commuter Services that promotes walking, biking, carpooling, van-pooling and taking transit to and from work.

SEIU Nevada Representation: 193 (as of May 2, 2014)

SEIU Nevada RTC Chapter Leadership

Vice President Deitra Atkinson

Chief Steward Mace Hardy

Steward Luiz Valenzuela


Steward Ramona Horton


Steward Charles Edelblute


Steward Shondra Summers-Armstrong


SEIU Nevada Launches Carson City Campaign to Put Nevada – and Working Families – FIRST

PutNevadaFirst_SmallLogo_croppedPoliticians in Carson City have let it be known that they’re coming after working families in the 2015 Nevada Legislative session beginning Feb. 2.

They have requested bills that would slash public pensions and eliminate workplace protections that secure decent pay and benefits for many working families.  There’s a very real threat that these bills could become law.

Working Nevadans – teachers, nurses, healthcare workers, bus drivers, custodians and thousands of others – care deeply about our state. We aren’t responsible for Nevada’s budget woes; irresponsible behavior on Wall Street, and in Carson City and Washington, D.C., is.


ALL Nevadans deserve a living wage and a secure retirement. Please help us persuade politicians to focus on providing a better life for ALL working families, not racing to the bottom by reducing or eliminating decent pay and pensions for some.

Members of our Executive Board Review Our Internal Organizing Materials After Voting to Support “Put Nevada First”

Members of our Executive Board Review Our Internal Organizing Materials After Voting to Support “Put Nevada First”

Two months ago, we began meeting with SEIU Local 1107 members about the very real threats to the Nevada Public Employee Retirement System. Tens of thousands of Nevadans have religiously paid their share toward a secure retirement – and now some politicians want to change the rules.

About 1,000 of you have answered that call and filled out “Retirement Security for All” cards pledging to help us in this fight.

We’ve expanded that effort to include other threats to working families, including a proposed end to collective bargaining. We’ve named this campaign “Put Nevada First.” Through meetings and grassroots lobbying, news reports and editorials, letters, emails and social media, we will remind Carson City politicians that they represent the working families of this state – not Wall Street billionaires and out-of-state interests.


  • If you haven’t already signed up, click THIS LINK. It will ask you to do something as easy as send a letter to your assembly member or as  involved as joining us on an SEIU Nevada Lobby Day in Carson City. (Our big day will be March 12. Contact your organizer if you’d like to go.)
  • Attend our General Membership Meeting Saturday, Jan. 31, at 10 AM. During this meeting, we’ll review this campaign and offer a quick course on lobbying. Learn more at THIS LINK.
  • Your SEIU Local 1107 organizer may already have gotten you to complete a card telling your assembly member how you feel about issues important to working families. If not, please CLICK HERE and send your Assembly Member an email instead. (Not sure who your assembly member is? The website will look the information up for you, based on your address.) Please also share this link with friends and families and ask them if they’ll help us let Carson City know to put Nevada’s working families FIRST.

Stay tuned for important developments unfolding in the coming days and weeks.

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RTC Fact-Finding Decision

Although our Bargaining Team and RTC management were able to reach a tentative agreement in May 2012, the RTC Commissioners did not vote to authorize our contract. Instead, they directed that our negotiations be sent to a third-party arbitrator for Fact Finding.
The arbitrator made a decision and the great news is that eligible members will receive a 3 percent COLA increase effective the next pay period, as well as a 3 percent COLA increase on July 1, 2013 and another 3 percent COLA increase on July 1, 2014.
Longevity was preserved for EVERYONE! This issue was one of our top priorities as listed in your bargaining surveys. The arbitrator also ruled that we will not receive merit increases for the duration of the contract. However, by securing a combined 6 percent COLA increase this year and preserving longevity, we feel that the arbitrator made a positive ruling for all RTC employees.
Here’s the exact language the arbitrator issued:
RTC Fact Finding Summary:
1. Employees shall receive a 3 percent cost of living adjustment the first pay period commencing after the date of this award. Beginning July 1, 2013, employees in the designated unit shall receive an additional 3 percent cost of living adjustment. Finally, barring reopener by the RTC (as outlined below), the employees shall receive a final 3 percent cost of living adjustment on July 1, 2014. This award is prospective only, and there is no retroactivity to July 1, 2012.
2.There shall be no salary adjustments or merit increases during the term of the collective bargaining agreement. The parties shall negotiate upon appropriate language regarding the use and structure of performance evaluations given during the term of the collective bargaining agreement.
3.The language regarding longevity (Article 32), as reflected in the parties’ agreement effective from July 1, 2009 to June 30, 2012, shall remain in effect and incorporated into the successor bargaining agreement.
4.The term of the parties’ new collective bargaining agreement shall be from July 1, 2012 through and up to June 30, 2015. However, should tax sales revenue as reported from October 2012 to October 2013 decrease by more than seven percent, then the RTC shall have the unilateral right to reopen negotiations regarding compensation under Article 15. The desire to reopen negotiations shall be made in writing to the Union by February 1, 2015 and shall pertain to Article 15 only. The parties shall not bargain to impasse during any such reopener.

If you have any questions, please contract your Chief Steward Madalyn Reyes, 676-1942.

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The results of the special election for RTC Vice President are as follows:

Mace hardy 59.18% of vote

Gregg Rogers 40.81% of vote

Mace Hardy wins the election for RTC Vice President.

RTC Notice

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