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SEIU Nevada’s Exec. Vp Speaks Out on Blog

The following can be read in its entirety on SEIU International’s blog:

The Healthcare Law: Bringing Relief to Nurses and Patients

By Raushanah Abdullah, RN, SEIU Nevada

My fellow nurses and I are celebrating National Nurses Week this year by using it as an opportunity to make sure everyone in Nevada knows about the positive changes that the Affordable Care Act has made in the lives of nurses, patients and our community.

I have a real appreciation for what access to timely, quality care can mean because I am a nurse–but also because my husband is the recipient of a kidney transplant which saved his life.

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Southern NV Health District

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  • Victoria Harding (Non-Supervisory)
  • Susan LaBay (Supervisory)

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  • Jacquelyn Raiche-Curl
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