AMR_logoAMR (American Medical Response) Las Vegas provides emergency and non-emergency medical transport within Las Vegas, handling roughly 125,000 calls annually. Services provided include 9-1-1 paramedic services, interfacility transport, critical care transport and special event stand-by care for local sports and entertainment events. This operation also offers CPR, ACLS, PALS, PHRS, EMT basic, EMT intermediate, paramedic and critical care training to the local community.

SEIU Nevada and AMR
SEIU Nevada represents about 465 AMR paramedics and EMTs working in Las Vegas.
AMR, 7201 West Post Road, Las Vegas, Nevada 89113
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UMC RN and SEIU Nevada Trustee Mike Collins Talks Ebola Preparedness on “Ralston Reports”

University Medical Center veteran registered nurse, SEIU Nevada trustee and Southern Nevada Board of Health At-Large Member Michael Collins appeared on the local political show, “Ralston Reports” Wednesday night to talk about Las Vegas Valley hospitals’ emergency preparedness in the face of the Ebola threat.

“Nurses are far better prepared than they were two weeks ago before the infection of the nurses in Dallas, Texas,” Mike told host Jon Ralston. “I’m encouraged by this, but as a registered nurse and an official with SEIU Local 1107, we really want to push the institutions to do additional training to ensure that our nurses are able to provide quality care in a safe healthcare environment for them, their co-workers and the community.”

Mike’s appearance begins at 16:59 in the show:

A day earlier, Mark Catlin, SEIU’ Health and Safety director, reminded NPR’s “Here and Now” public affairs of an important fact is not always front-and-center in the conversation about Ebola in the United States. He reminded listeners that it’s the employers’—hospitals’ and airports’—responsibility to ensure that workers are properly trained and have the protective equipment they need to deal with the virus and any other contagious disease.

“What’s really been missing [from the discussion] is the fact that it’s employers in this country under our U.S. law — under the Occupational Safety and Health Act — that have the primary responsibility to maintain a healthy and safe workplace,” Catlin said. “So it’s the employers’ responsibility to … incorporate [CDC and OSHA guidelines] into site-specific plans for how workers are going to be protected.”

Also in Tuesday, SEIU 1199, our New York local, co-hosted a three-hour seminar for thousands of janitors, security guards, doctors, nurses and other workers at Manhattan’s Javits Center, to share how they can best care for patients and serve clients and travelers, while also keeping their co-workers and themselves safe. News coverage of that gathering includes:

SEIU Nevada plans to host an upcoming training. Stay tuned for details.

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AMR Members Vote Yes!


AMR Members
by 84% to Ratify the Contract!

Contract Highlights:

Compensation: Oct 2013: 3.5%;  Oct 2014: 3.25%;  Oct 2015: 3.25%

Health Insurance:  Jan 2014: SHL Solutions  PPO $20 Plan

  • Network: $250 Individual / $500 Family
  • Non-Network: $500 Individual / $1000 Family

Holidays:  Holiday Pay restored to 2x from 1 1/2 x as previously proposed by AMR.

Personal Leave of Absence:  Employees may request a Personal Unpaid Leave of 30 – 45 days.

CCT Paramedic Bonus:  Full time CCT Paramedics will receive a lump sum bonus

Probation for Part Time Employees:  Improved language regarding probationary period for part-timers.

For more info. contact a Bargaining Team Member or Susan Smith @ 702-358-5738

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AMR Contract Ratification Vote Results

Results of the AMR Contract Ratification Vote

71% – No

29% – Yes

Michael Urban will be contacting management to reschedule future bargaining sessions.

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AMR Bargaining Unit Message

Greetings AMR Bargaining Unit!

We are happy to announce that negotiations with AMR have come to an end.

One of the most significant articles during bargaining was Article 16, Compensation.  When we first started negotiations, Union and AMR were very far apart regarding wages.

AMR’s beginning proposal:

  • 1.5% in year 2013 (lump sum),
  • 1.75% in year 2014 (pay increase), and
  • 2.25% in year 2015 (lump sum).


The Union’s proposal:

  • 5% in year 2013 (pay increase)
  • 5.5% in year 2014 (pay increase)
  • 5.75% in year 2015 (pay increase)


Throughout bargaining, AMR did not want to move off of the ‘lump sum’.  Although a lump sum can be helpful the moment an employee receives it, it is a one time benefit.  A pay increase compounds and is financially much better for the employees; therefore we fought hard to obtain pay increases for each year.

During our final bargaining session, AMR proposed:

  • 2.5% in year 2013 (pay increase)
  • 3% in year 2014 (lump sum)
  • 2.75% in year 2015 (pay increase)


The Union countered with:

  • 2.75% in year 2013 (pay increase)
  • 2.75% in year 2014 (pay increase)
  • 3.25% in year 2015 (pay increase)


AMR countered with (their last, best proposal):

  • 2.75% in year 2013 (pay increase)
  • 2.75% in year 2014 (pay increase)
  • 2.75% in year 2015 (pay increase)


The Union did not agree upon their last, best proposal.  Therefore, it is being presented to you, the members of AMR, to vote on it.  We are in the process of determining the dates/times of the vote.  We will keep you all informed on voting times, days and location.

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SEIU responds to bad AMR proposals

It’s clear management wants to cut back on our benefits and salaries. We’ll start you off here with the bad news — management’s proposals on 7 articles.  We vehemently oppose these and have offered our own detailed response to each.

You’ll find AMR’s articles first and our response immediately after.  Please check out what the boss wants to do to you. And then read how we want to protect your wages, benefits and rights. Then get involved to make sure AMR doesn’t get what it wants.

AMR Article 4 dealing with Union Security

AMR Article 13 dealing with PTO and Holidays

AMR Article 15 dealing with Health Benefits

AMR Article 16 dealing with Wages

AMR Article 34 dealing with Orientation and Weingarten Rights.

AMR Article 35 dealing with Union Successorship

AMR Article 36 dealing with the length of the contract.

Additionally, AMR submitted the following memorandum of understanding AMR MOU CCT-P

After management submitted those articles, SEIU gave a stellar response. You can click below to see SEIU’s  proposals back to management.

SEIU Article 4 dealing with Union Security.

SEIU Article 13 dealing with PTO and Holidays

SEIU Article 15 dealing with Health Benefits

SEIU Article 16 dealing with Wages

SEIU Article 34 dealing with Orientation and Weingarten Rights

SEIU Article 35 dealing with Union Successorship

SEIU Article 36 dealing with the Length of the Contract

Please contact your team for more information on how to get involved to fight for a better contract.

Alex Ocampo (702) 285-7854
Roy Keefer (702) 396-0636
Andy Jess (253) 370-5498
Ruthann Lasher (702) 418-9065
Chelsea Hunter (702) 612-6757
Calvin Griffin (702) 379-5738
Get informed and take action today to fight for a better contract!
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