Southern Nevada Regional Housing Authority

SNRHA_logoThe Southern Nevada Regional Housing Authority provides or maintains almost 4,000 public housing units in the Las Vegas Valley where more than 7,600 Las Vegans reside, and administers another 10,000 Housing Choice Vouchers (Section 8) that allow families to rent in the private market and receive a subsidy toward their rent.

SEIU Nevada Representation: 209 (as of May 2, 2014)

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Union Leadership

Vice President Marvin Coleman
Chief Steward Martha Floyd, (702) 922-7713
Wanda Beckett Bruce Bundy
Sheila Christmas LaTrece Coleman-Stone
Courtney Errington
(702) 630-1003
Brandy Foreman
James Jackson John Jones
Jermond Manor Jeremiah Nash
Tracey Torrence Esther Valenzuela

Union Representative Javier Cabrera:, (702) 210-3706

Housing Authority Presents Contract Offer, but Bargaining Team Recommends “NO” Vote

Vote NoManagement with the Southern Nevada Regional Housing Authority has presented its last, best and final contract offer, which our bargaining team rejects.

Because it’s Management’s final offer, we are obligated to bring it to you, but your bargaining team recommends a “NO” vote. Voting will take place Monday, Dec. 15, 2014, and you will be allowed to vote during work hours with supervisor approval:

  • 11 AM-Noon: Cannon Commission Chambers, 340 N. 11th St., Las Vegas
  • 4-5 PM: Flamingo Office, 5390 E. Flamingo Rd., Las Vegas

For a flier listing voting times & locations and the 9 “CONS” and 2 marginal “PROS” offered in the proposal, please CLICK HERE.

For a detailed chart of all 52 contract articles and terms that would be affected if this proposal were approved, please CLICK HERE.

Again … our Bargaining Team Recommends a NO vote on this management proposal!

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Housing Authority Exec Director John Hill: Yes, I got a raise. “So did every other staff member that deserved it.”

JohnHill_KTNVScreenGrab_cropped2Channel13ActionNewsLV_logo3Executive Director Hill thinks he deserves a raise and a bonus—to more than $140K a year—despite a so-so job performance evaluation that officials said would have resulted in no raise for rank-and-file employees. (The Las Vegas Review-Journal wrote about HERE.)

For Housing Authority employees, recently expired furloughs meant 9% pay cuts. And now management is threatening to resurrect them. The final straw? More than 21 months of bargaining—and no contract!

More than 100 members picketed at Housing Authority offices Thursday (Oct. 16). Action News 13, Las Vegas’ ABC-TV affiliate, was at the picket and joined us when we adjourned the protest to attend the Housing Authority Board of Commissioners meeting that was underway. Hill refused to grant an on-camera interview to reporter Elizabeth Gadley. His only comment to Gadley’s question about whether he had gotten a raise? “So did every other staff member that deserved it.” held up hand up and demanded that the camera be turned off. (See the full news report by CLICKING HERE.)


Show solidarity Friday (Oct. 24): Wear purple and your “SNRHA Be Fair!” button.

More actions are planned. Stay tuned!

Please CLICK HERE to download a flier about these developments.

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Unfair Labor Pratice Complaint Filed Against Housing Authority Over Furlough Extension Threat

SNRHA Be Fair BUTTONThe Board of Directors of the Southern Nevada Regional Housing Authority held its second special meeting in 10 days on Oct. 8 to again delay the date at which they are threatening to to extend up-to-2-day-a-month unpaid furloughs. The potential start date moved from Oct. 30 to Nov. 14. 

Our members reluctantly agreed to furloughs from Dec. 6, 2013, until Sept. 30, 2014, to avoid layoffs. We, however, had not agreed to any extension of the furloughs past Sept. 30. Two-day-a-month furloughs result in a more than 9% wage cut for Authority employees.

An initial Sept. 29 9-1 vote at the first special board meeting to extend the furloughs came despite union representatives warning the Board that the action was illegal without union agreement. The furlough extension also followed the Board’s decision in late August to award Executive Director John Hill a raise and bonus. In response, the union filed an unfair labor practice complaint against the Board on Oct. 3 with the Nevada Employee Management Relations Board, the NLRB equivalent for public employees in the state. We returned to the bargaining table the same day.

Please CLICK HERE to access a flier about the Sept. 29 meeting and decision to file the ULP.

Please CLICK HERE to access the EMRB filing.

Please CLICK HERE to access a Oct. 6 story in the Las Vegas Review-Journal about the dispute.

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Southern NV Regional Housing Authority Postpones Vote on Extending Furloughs

Two-day-a-month furloughs that employees of the Southern Nevada Regional Housing Authority have been required to take since December 2013 are set to expire Sept. 30. These furloughs have translated into a 9% pay cut for workers.

Although the furloughs are slated to end in 12 days, the agenda for Thursday’s (Sept. 18) monthly meeting of the Board of Commissioners called for extending them for a full year—even after Commissioners awarded Executive Director John Hill a raise and bonus last month!

President Martin Bassick and Chief Contract Negotiator Mike Urban joined several Housing Authority members and Local 1107 staff at the meeting. Martin and Mike addressed the board before Commissioners voted unanimously to defer action until a Sept. 29 special meeting.

“Purple Up” and join your co-workers at this meeting! Please CLICK HERE to access a flier about the event.

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SEIU Members Protest Housing Authority Tripling Outside Law Firm’s Fees

With roughly 50 SEIU Nevada members and staff in the audience filling their near-capacity chambers, Commissioners of the Southern Nevada Regional Housing Authority Thursday

Some of the SEIU members and staff who attended the April 17 Housing Authority and protested the increase in the now-nearly $1 million contract with law firm Parker Nelson and Associates.

Some of the SEIU members and staff who attended the April 17 Housing Authority and protested the increase in the now-nearly $1 million contract with law firm Parker Nelson and Associates.

approved allowing outside law firm Parker, Nelson & Associates run up another $329,205 in legal fees, bringing the firm’s fiscal year 2014 take to $907,000.

With Commissioners Sanje Sedera and Debbie Patton abstaining, the remaining 10 commissioners approved the additional expenditure unanimously. Only Sedera publicly questioned the wisdom of approving the additional expenditure amid the authority’s lean operations elsewhere. “I don’t know if it’s the best model for our agency going forward,” he said. “I think we really ought to look at our budget. These things could be handled internally and save us some money,” he said after ticking off several tasks Parker Nelson’s has undertaken, and listed as justification for the firm to be paid more.

The Commission’s vote came after a half-dozen speakers – almost all affiliated with SEIU Nevada – implored the commission to reject the expenditure in light of stagnant contract negotiations with the union and a two-day-a-month furlough imposed against its 212 employees since Dec. 6, 2013. This furlough already has resulted in 1,908 lost work days, or 15,264 lost hours employees would have been serving Housing Authority clients. If the furlough is allowed to continue to its currently planned end date of Sept. 26, those numbers will grow to 4,240 days, or 33,920 hours. Consequently, the furloughs have translated into a more than 8% pay cut for Housing Authority employees.

“No one likes to take a pay cut, but we were willing to do it, especially because we thought it was going to be a temporary thing,” SNHRA SEIU 1107 Steward James Jackson told the commission. “We’re worried that if the end of the fiscal year rolls around [on Sept. 30], is there going to be a move to extend it?”

Almost all of the speakers labeled approval of the legal fees – Parker, Nelson’s second such approved increase in the past several months, representing a near tripling of the budgeted amount the Housing Authority projected paying the firm in its annual budget – as inappropriate. “If the Housing Authority can pay outside attorneys nearly $1 million, it should be able to take into account the services not being provided to the community because of the furloughs and end them now!” SEIU 1107 Steward Courtney Errington told the commission.

SEIU 1107 members employed by the Housing Authority were joined by members from other chapters, including Cherie Mancini, Executive Vice President of the local, who is an employee of the St. Rose Dominican Hospital – Siena Campus; and Cara Evangelista, Chief Steward – Non-Supervisory employees, Southern Nevada Health District

Parker, Nelson partner Teddy Parker joined the meeting by conference call and spent more than an hour painstakingly addressing many of the issues raised by the speakers objecting to the increase. He touted work the firm had done for the Housing Authority that he said ultimately had saved the organization far more than the legal services had cost. He also blamed the union for generating extra business for his firm through grievances.

Noting that Housing Authority’s employees have worked without a contract since January 2013, Errington said dormant negotiations naturally increase tensions in the workplace, where conflicts and grievances can occur more easily. “SEIU 1107 and its bargaining team want to return to the table with management,” she added. “Let’s all support a productive and positive work environment by getting back to the table and ratifying a fair contract.”

Although SEIU 1107’s action did not stop the Commission from approving Parker, Nelson’s contract or prompt them to end the furloughs, it was clear that neither Parker nor Chairperson Father Dave Casaleggio appreciated the scrutiny.

“It’s stuff like this that not negotiating, but playing games,” Casaleggio said, holding up a flier the union had distributed about Parker Nelson’s sweetheart deal amid the employee furloughs. (To view the flier, please click here.) To be clear: SEIU 1107 was NOT playing games, but was drawing attention to a contradiction in the Housing Authority’s operations: the organizations has the money to pay out nearly $1 million to an outside law firm, but not enough to end unpaid furloughs against its 212 employees.

Errington and Chief Steward Martha Floyd want Thursday’s action to be the first of many to ensure that union members’ voices are heard and prompt the Housing Authority to end the furloughs and negotiate for a fair contract. “Actions like this send a message to Commissioners that we’re watching,” Errington said. “Members don’t always realize how much power we have, but we really are stronger together.”

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