Valley Hospital

Las Vegas, NV

Vice President:
  • Michelle Philips
Chief Steward:
  • Lynda Wilcox
  • Raushanah (Rah) Abdullah
  • Adell (Sue) Asciutto
  • Aurora Delacruz
  • Benilda Galan
  • Peggy Garcia
  • Angella Hedlund
  • Fe Isidro
  • Melanie Olson
  • Margie Ortiz
  • Victoria Sanchez-Gamboni
  • Donna West
  • Lynda Wilcox
  • Rebecca (Becky) Wright

The Results are in: 94% of UHS Votes Yes for a Stronger Contract

The results are in from our SEIU Contract vote — we did it!

For months, SEIU members at UHS facilities stood together as we worked our way through the bargaining process. You didn’t give up even though we kept hearing “no” from management when we sat down to work out a fair contract.

We didn’t give up and we didn’t take no for an answer. Last night the ballots were counted and we ratified our 2013 SEIU contract — the vote was overwhelming.

Ninety-four percent of us said YES to:

  • Wage increases in each year of the contract
  • progressive discipline and cleansing period for discipline
  • improved job transfer and severance package
  • an education bonus
  • extra hours for per diem
  • a 2 minute time clock change
  • attendance committee
  • L&D, endoscopy classification upgrade
  • Relief charge pay 5% base pay and employee orientation without management

Through our contract, we have a unique opportunity for us to improve our work conditions, contribute in a way that allows us to advocate for our patients and secure benefits that are appropriate for our families’ needs.

We are proud to provide the best care to our patients. We finished strong and won a stronger contract but our jobs are not done. We need to make sure our union is strong, growing and ready to take on future challenges. If you are interested in getting involved in your union, please let us know.

Congratulations and thank you,

SEIU Local 1107 Vice President:  Sherri Hauser   (Desert Springs Hospital)

SEIU Local 1107 Vice President: MIchelle Phillips  (Valley Medical Hospital)

Chief Nursing Steward:   Scott Armstrong  (Desert Springs Hodpital)

Chief Ancillary Steward:  Michelle Clouthier  (Desert Springs Hospital)

Chief Nursing Steward:  Lynda Wilcox  (Valley Medical Hospital)

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Speak Up for Safe Staffing

The Senate Health and Human Services Committee will hear our safe staffing bill on Tuesday, April 2 at 3:30 p.m.

It’s critical that lawmakers hear from you about why safe staffing will lead to greater patient protection and improved quality care in Nevada.

If you’re able to attend the hearing in person, it is in the Legislative Building, Room 2149, Carson City. If you’re in Southern Nevada, you can attend the meeting and provide testimony via videoconference. The meeting is in Room 4412 of the Grant Sawyer State Building, 555 W. Washington Ave., Las Vegas.

Wear your work uniform and come tell lawmakers why safe staffing is so critical.

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UHS Bargaining Begins

100_7301Bargaining began March 14 for Desert Springs and Valley hospitals with management from UHS.

SEIU members expressed the need for change in the two hospitals to improve patient care. Specifically, three proposals were unveiled:

  1.  1. Shared Vision and Responsibility: This would be a new article that seeks to create a partnership between the Union and hospital management in the effort to provide the highest quality care to the communities we serve by restoring the values of Courtesy, Kindness and Respect in every relationship and interaction in our hospital.
  2.  2. Disciplinary Action: Our proposal would renovate this article by ensuring that Counselings and Warnings have a shelf-life of 12 months and Final Written Warnings 18 months with regards to being used against you for discipline. A mistake you made 10 years ago shouldn’t be held against you today. Our proposal also speaks to Union representation at investigatory/discipline meetings.
  3. Safe Staffing Ratios: to provide safe working conditions and to improve our quality of care, we propose the following ratios:

Surgical ICU            1:2            Critical Care Unit 1:2

Medical ICU           1:2                 Intensive Care Unit 1:2

ER                              1:3            Clinical Decision Unit:1:5

Critical Care           1:2            Labor & Delivery              1:2

Well Baby Nursery  1:6 Gero Psych 1:7

Stress Lab              1:1 Med-Surg:   1:5

Intermediate Care   1:3 NICU 1:2

Antepartum 1:3 OB, GYN  1:5

Outpatient Surgery   1:2    Pre-op 1:3

Rehabilitation 1:5

Discharge Unit / Chest Pain Center 1:4

Endoscopy  1:2 (Procedural) 1:1

Postpartum 1:8 (1:4 couplets) 1:6 (mothers only)

Post Anesthesia Care Unit   Unstable 1:1 Stable 1:2

Discharge Unit / Chest Pain Center 1:4

OR General 1:1 CVOR 2:1

Neuro 2:1 Holding 1:3

Cath Lab & EP Lab      Procedural 2:1

 Holding 1:1

Special Procedures    Procedural: 2:1  Holding 1:1

Respiratory Therapist  1:5   Treatment  1:32


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Health Care Workers Take Action

ADO CommHealth care workers know one of the best tools in their protective arsenal are Assignment Despite Objection forms.

They protect licenses and careers.

Whenever, in your professional opinion, conditions on the floors are unsafe for patients and employees, an ADO form should be filled out, submitted to a supervisor and faxed to the Union.

This could protect you if a mistake or sentinel event occurs while working in those conditions. Over time, ADO forms illustrate the broad frequency of sub-optimal conditions. They illustrate the need for Staffing Ratios! That’s why on March 4, SEIU members from Valley, Desert Springs, UMC and St. Rose hospitals submitted hundreds of ADOs to Nevada’s Bureau of Health Care and Quality Compliance. Separately, SEIU members at Sunrise, Mountain View and Southern Hills hospitals have begun moving staffing issues through the HCA-SEIU Labor Accord process.

With the SEIU Safe Staffing and Patient Protection bill sponsored by state Sen. Patricia Spearman and moving through the Nevada Legislature, We Are On The Move to WIN Staffing Ratios in Nevada!

Katrina Alvarez-Hyman, an RN at Desert Springs, said the detail on ADO forms offer clear protection for health care workers. “We need to keep filling them out,” she said. “Our licenses and patients’ lives are in jeopardy.”

The Bureau of Health Care and Quality Compliance is entrusted with protecting the safety and welfare of the public through the promotion and advocacy of quality health care through licensing, regulation, enforcement and education. Sparked by our ADOs,  the agency began its review of Valley, Desert Springs, UMC and St. Rose hospitals on March 4.




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Planning Session for Bargaining 2013

To Desert and Valley RNs and Technolists:

Mark your calendars.

We are quickly approaching bargaining in 2013. Our planning session will be held on Tuesday Dec. 18 at 8 a.m. and 8 p.m.

For more information: Contact Aurora at 210-3269, Dolores at 210-6469 or Lanita at 738-3968.

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