Clark County

More people live in urban Clark County than in any of Southern Nevada’s cities, including the city of Las Vegas, and SEIU NV members provide services to them all. We are the first toClark County Logo greet tourist at McCarran International Airport, work to keep the quality of air safe, work with foster children and disburse benefits to some our most vulnerable residents. We also provide regional services for more than 1.9 million residents and 44 million tourists a year.
Clark County, 500 S. Grand Central Pkwy – 3rd Floor, Las Vegas, NV 89155
 Clark County’s web site

SEIU Nevada Clark County Public Sector Vice Presidents


SEIU Nevada Clark County Public Sector Chief Stewards

  • Roshanda Tillman (Department of Family Services/Department of Juvenile Justice Services)


Clark County Collective Bargaining Agreements


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