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Executive Board Votes to Place SEIU Nevada in Trusteeship

You may have seen press reports indicating that Local 1107’s President and Executive Vice President were removed from office yesterday, April 26, 2017.  Acting on internal charges filed by members against the president and executive vice president of SEIU Nevada, the international union, SEIU, suspended the officers’ memberships for six months and barred them from holding office for one year. The actions come as a result of a hearing SEIU held in October to investigate charges of misconduct brought against the two leaders by other members of the local. The two officers were found to have violated their constitutional responsibilities to SEIU Nevada and the international union.

In addition, some of our members raised serious concerns in recent years about the ability of the local to protect the interests of SEIU Nevada members so they can succeed at the bargaining table and maintain the strongest possible position in the fight back against the rigged economic and political systems that harm our state’s working families.

Last night, our executive board met with representatives of SEIU to consider the future of the local. Mindful of our rich tradition of public and healthcare employees joining together to achieve successes in our workplaces and our communities, the executive board discussed the best ways to protect members’ interests, ensure the performance of the local’s collective bargaining responsibilities, and restore democratic procedures.  After a thoughtful and extensive discussion, the executive board voted to ask SEIU to help return our local to those roots by taking Local 1107 into trusteeship.  The local’s request is now pending with International President Mary Kay Henry and we expect a decision soon.

SEIU Nevada has a long and proud history of advocating for working families in our state ever since the Clark County Public Employees Association joined with SEIU to create Local 1107 in 1987. In the two decades that followed, we engaged in an historic effort to organize Nevada public and healthcare workers, winning better wages and benefits for thousands of state workers.

As we move forward together, we will make SEIU Nevada stronger and more unified than ever before so we can continue the local’s vitally important work. By standing together, we will win a Nevada where the value of our work is matched by our wages and ensure that every family and community has the opportunity to thrive.


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