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Las Vegas Unites in Support of Dreamers, TPS Holders

Workers and community members, along with leaders from business and labor came together for a press conference to call on Congress to find more permanent legislative solutions to the growing crisis caused by the Trump Administration’s position on Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and Temporary Protected Status (TPS). The end of DACA, and TPS for several countries, would rip apart hard-working families and significantly impact Nevada’s economy.

Standing in front of the Lloyd D. George federal courthouse in downtown Las Vegas, leaders from across the city echoed the need for real solutions for the 800,000 DREAMers and 320,000 TPS holders in the United States.

This week, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced the expiration of TPS for Nicaragua and a six-month delay on a decision for Honduras, with additional deadlines on TPS extensions for Haiti expected on November 23rd, followed by El Salvador on January 8th.

Assemblyman Edgar Flores talked about how TPS holders are a vital part of the Las Vegas economy, and all TPS holders are held to extremely strict legal regulations and must pay high fees in order to retain their status.

Yesenia Vasquez, SEIU Nevada member and CNA at Sunrise Hospital, talked about her parents immigrating to the United States, with her father serving in the United States Army. “We need a smart legislative solution for TPS holders and DREAMers, it is cruel to rip families apart.”

DREAMers Erika Castro and Audrey Peral highlighted that DACA recipients are no different than other hard-working Americans. “We work, we go to school, and just want to build a better life.”

Michael Kagan, UNLV Professor of Law, suggests that Congress work in the spirit of bipartisanship in drafting real solutions, and avoid politicizing the lives of nearly 1.2 million that could be affected by no action.

According to several community organizations, revoking DACA and allowing TPS to expire without any new legislation could impact more than 15,000 Nevadans.

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