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President Cherie Mancini (St. Rose Hospitals)

Treasurer Courtney Errington (Southern Nevada Regional Housing Authority)

Secretary Patricia Armstrong (Clark County)

Trustee Jim Kirkpatrick (Clark County)

Trustee Michael Collins (University Medical Center)

Trustee Debbie Springer (Clark County)


Executive Board

(Includes At-Large Officers, above)


Clark County

Supervisory Bargaining Unit

Chief Steward Sharon Kisling


Non-Supervisory Bargaining Unit 

Water Reclamation District 

Chief Steward Jim Cowan



General Unit 

Chief Steward Brent Miller



Department of Family Services/Department of Juvenile Justice Services 

Chief Steward Keishe Caruthers



Department of Aviation

Chief Steward Richard Hodgson



Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA)

Vice President Miles Rodela
Vice President R.J. Leipins
Chief Steward Douglas Medberry
Chief Steward Maureen Allred

Steward Douglas Medberry
Steward Maureen AllredVice President Miles Rodela
Steward Dustin Amatori
Steward Cal Berringer
Steward August Hodges
Steward Karla Nolan


Southern Nevada Health District

Vice President Victoria Harding
Chief Steward Jacque Raiche-Curl

Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada (RTC)

Vice President James Lomax
Chief Steward Madalyn Reyes

Southern Nevada Regional Housing Authority

Vice President Marvin Coleman
Chief Steward Martha Floyd

Clark County Water Reclamation District

Chief Steward Jim Cowan

University Medical Center

Vice President Gwen Stevens
Chief Steward Patricia Greaux
Chief Steward Deetra Revels


Addus (Home Healthcare Agency)

Vice President Maria Salinas
Chief Steward Yolanda Floran

Desert Spring Hospital

Vice President VACANT
Chief Steward  VACANT

Steward Donald Messier RN: 702-374-7490
Steward Michael Landis Xray Tech: 702-449-7003
Steward Mary Graves Tech: 702-557-6792
Steward Noreen Roberts RN: 702-281-6530

Northeastern Nevada Regional Hospital

Vice President Stefanie Reeve
Chief Steward – Nursing Karla Dittrich
Chief Steward – Ancillary VACANT

Renown Regional Medical Center

Vice President Tricia Martin
Chief Steward – Nursing Jeff Pierce

St. Rose Hospitals (De Lima, Siena, San Martín campuses)

Vice President Maurice Parker
Chief Steward Amelia Gayton
Chief Steward Krystal Shen
Chief Steward Sean Taggart

Southern Hills Hospital

Vice President Janice Jordan 
Chief Steward VACANT

Steward Veryla La Kern
Steward Brook Baylus
Steward Tanisa Smith-Symes
Steward Veronica Wiley
Steward Kathleen Lebeau

Sunrise Hospital

Vice President Alfredo Serrano
Chief Ancillary Steward Mark Travis

Valley Hospital

Vice President: OPEN
Chief Steward: Lynda Wilcox RN-SICU: 702-245-4263

Steward: Rah Abdullah RN-Cardiology Steward: 702-245-0480                                                                                         Steward: Rebecca Wright RN -SICU 702-278-1839

Mountain View Hospital

Vice President Doroi Hall
Chief Steward Danielle Beal

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