Political Action

The Crisis We Face

Big corporations and their political allies are out to destroy:

  • Quality Public Services,
  • Collective Bargaining,
  • Good Jobs,
  • Healthcare Reform,
  • Immigration Justice, and

We need to identify politicians who are for working families regardless of their political party. We need to support politicians who are against tax giveaways to corporations and the controller of wealth in this nation. We need to support politicians who stand with us when we protest corporations who stockpile profits instead of creating jobs. And we need to get involved with our local political program, including contributing financially to the Committee on Political Education (COPE) if we are going to achieve our goals of good jobs for all and saving the Middle Class.

Read more on COPE and how you can get more involved and become a Member Political Organizer.

Call SEIU Local 1107′s Director of Government Affairs Mayra Ocampo at 702-277-2015 today to learn more.

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