SEIU & Political Action

The Crisis We Face

Big corporations and their political allies are out to destroy:

  • Quality Public ServicesFatCatFeeding
  • Collective Bargaining
  • Good Jobs
  • Healthcare Reform
  • Immigration Justice

We need to identify politicians who are for working families, regardless of their political party. We need to support politicians who oppose corporate welfare. We need to support politicians who stand with us when we protest against companies that stockpile profits instead of creating jobs.

How Political Activity is Achieved

None of that comes easy. Members committed to the success of organized labor understand that, in the words of SEIU Nevada’s Treasurer Courtney Errington, that “the working man’s and woman’s value comes in boots-on-the-ground” – in support of elected officials and causes that sustain us, and in collective action, in the form of votes and political contributions.

We accomplish this through two powerful means: First, in the voting booth, and second, through the Committee on Political Education, better known as COPE. When SEIU Nevada turns out to vote for our collectively endorsed candidates, we send a powerful message – both about the power of unity and our commitment to our core values. Secondly, the money we raise through COPE supports our political activism by allowing us to make contributions to the candidates and causes we determine will best benefit our members and their families.

When you weigh whether to contribute or increase your donation to COPE, you should always keep in mind that dues paid by members do NOT fund political activity. COPE contributions and dues are totally separate.  COPE is voluntary and the amount contributed is decided on by the individual member. They are separately deducted from a member’s paycheck.

Read more on COPE at THIS LINK.

Call or email SEIU Nevada’s Director of Government Affairs Mayra Ocampo at 702-277-2015 today to learn how you can get more involved and become a Member Political Organizer.

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