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SEIU Nevada and NSEA: Sisolak turns his back on working families and shifts position on raising minimum wage to $15 an hour

Contact: Martin Manteca, SEIU, 702-920-5900 
NSEA Alexander Marks, NSEA, 702-782-2688

SEIU Nevada and NSEA: Sisolak turns his back on working families and shifts position on raising minimum wage to $15 an hour

LAS VEGAS—The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Nevada Local 1107 Member Political Action Committee and Education Support Employees Association (ESEA) President Virginia Mills issued the following statement following this week’s two televised Democratic gubernatorial debates:

“It was only a few months ago when Democratic gubernatorial candidate Steve Sisolak stood in front of SEIU Nevada Local 1107 and NSEA members to ask for their support in the June primary, promising to be a champion for hard-working Nevadans and pledging to raise the state minimum wage to $15 an hour. During the Monday gubernatorial debate, Mr. Sisolak walked back on that promise, proposing a $10 an hour minimum wage and imposing a tip credit system. In the following debate on Thursday, he reversed his position on tip credits, only after realizing the state Constitution prohibits a tip credit system.

“During a time when hard-working Nevadans are falling even further behind, our members are outraged and disappointed that Mr. Sisolak is turning his back on the working class and choosing to cater to business interests. He claims to have spoken to business owners about an affordable increase to minimum wage, but has Mr. Sisolak listened to Nevadans about their struggle to afford life’s essentials such as food, housing, healthcare and childcare? Did Mr. Sisolak, consider the impact of a tip credit system on the robust service sector that is critical to the economic health of Las Vegas? It is extremely disappointing that our members are now unclear where Mr. Sisolak stands on the minimum wage issue. On Monday, he’s at $10 an hour. On Thursday, he’s at $15 an hour. Was Monday a mistake or did he tell the truth on accident?

“Nevadans shouldn’t have to work two to three jobs to make ends meet. A decent, living wage starts with $15 an hour, and is the only real solution to ensuring that every job is ‘life-supporting’. Whether Mr. Sisolak realizes it, these are life-supporting jobs and it is a shame he does not understand the true needs of workers as he seeks the most important elected position in Nevada. Mr. Sisolak’s walk-back on minimum wage and unclear $10 to $12 an hour alternative clearly shows that he is out of touch with working Nevadans and the issues we care about the most.”


On February 27, SEIU Nevada Local 1107 announced the endorsement of Christina Giunchigliani as Nevada’s next governor. The endorsement was announced after members participated in a Candidate Forum, where members met with gubernatorial candidates, asked questions, and then made their selection for the candidate they’ll support.

On January 22, 2018, NSEA/ESEA unanimously endorsed Christina Giunchigliani as Nevada’s next governor, stating there has never been a candidate for Governor with such a lifetime commitment to public schools and a quality public education for every Nevada student.


SEIU Nevada Local 1107 represents 19,000 workers in the healthcare and public sector across the entire state – from Reno to Elko in Northern Nevada, and across Clark County in Southern Nevada. We are the largest healthcare union in Nevada, including nurses, administrative staff, ancillary hospital staff, techs, and home care workers. In the public sector, our union represents workers that provide vital services that our communities rely on. Together, SEIU Nevada Local 1107 members fight for better wages, benefits, social justice and a better quality of life for all working Nevadans.

The Nevada State Education Association represents teachers and education support professionals across the state working to ensure a high-quality public education for every Nevada student. Education Support Employees Association is the largest ESP local in the United States and is a full-service employee association which is an affiliate of NSEA and the National Education Association (NEA), the largest national association representing education employees in the United States

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